ERSEA - Enrollment and re-enrollment


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that MOCA Head Start maintains the minimum funded enrollment


This policy states the requirements for maintaining the minimum number of children to be enrolled in MOCA Head Start.


45 CFR 1305.7


(a) Each child enrolled in MOCA Head Start is allowed to remain in Head Start until kindergarten or first grade is available for the child in the childís community, except that MOCA Head Start may choose not to enroll a child when there are compelling reasons for the child not to remain in Head Start, such as when there is a change in the childís family income and there is a child with a greater need for Head Start services.

(b) MOCA Head Start maintains its funded enrollment level. When it is determined that a vacancy exists, no more than 30 calendar days may elapse before the vacancy is filled. MOCA Head Start may elect not to fill a vacancy when 60 calendar days or less remain in the programís enrollment year.

(c) If a child has been found income eligible and is participating in MOCA Head Start program, he or she remains income eligible through that enrollment year and the immediately succeeding enrollment year.


MOCA Head Start will automatically re-enroll any child that completes the proceeding year and is age eligible to return the succeeding year, if that is the parents desire.

Income is verified during the initial application process and is not changed, unless the family has a significant decline in income, resulting in an over-income family becoming eligible.

Centers have 30 calendar days to fill a vacancy when the program determines one exists. When a child withdraws from the program their status becomes transitioned. Staff have 30 days to complete the process of transitioning the child from the program. Vacancies will be filled as soon as possible, however, no vacancy will exist for more than 30 days.

The Family Advocate will begin the enrollment process of a new child during this time. Children may have a transitioned status for no longer than 30 days, and then will be assigned a drop from program status. See also: Transition Plan and ERSEA Procedures.

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